Monday, March 7, 2011

"...he was alert and interested and interesting."

Fiona Cummins with Michael Jackson (Pic:DM)

Another MJ Encounter Account 
An excerpt from a news article : 
"I can still remember every single detail about the first time I met Michael Jackson.
The lavender smell of his skin, his softly-spoken voice, the way he spontaneously hugged me to him even though he had never met me before.....
We first met at Harrods three years ago when he was visiting his old friend Mohammed Al Fayed and he agreed to grant me a private audience.
I have met a lot of celebrities over the years but none have quite enjoyed the legendary status of Jackson, probably the most famous man in the world.
Unusually for me, I was nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I had read the stories about his plastic surgery gone wrong, obsession with face masks, the Peter Pan syndrome of a boy locked in a man's body,
So it was something of a surprise to be greeted with a surprisingly firm handshake, a smile and a pleasing lack of artifice.
In fact, he wore barely a trace of make-up and exuded warmth, flinging his muscular arms around me in a welcoming hug.
We chatted for several minutes and he was alert and interested and interesting."

-- By Fiona Cummins

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