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Michael and Charlie the cat

Michael and Charlie the cat

"I have a little yellow kitten named Charlie. He's only about four months old and he's full of fun and mischief every minute.  Well, he and Michael took a liking to each other right away.  All the while Michael was waiting for the make-up man to get make-up on his brothers, Michael was out in the back yard playing with Charlie.  And when Michael would have to go before Dad's camera for pictures, Charlie just didn't want to leave Michael alone!  They became such good friends that Michael was hoping he could take Charlie home with him.  But Tony reminded Michael that there were already two dogs at home, and they might not  like Charlie except as dessert.  Michael agreed, and I was relieved, too, 'cause I didn't want to give Charlie up, though I would have for Michael Jackson! "

The above short story is an excerpt taken from the article clipping below, written by a then 13- year old girl named Desiree Johnson;

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A lucky encounter...

I found this funny little story from one of the MJ forums quite sometime ago, but it still puts smile on my day whenever I read it :)  lucky them boys...

A me and a buddy of mine met Michael Jackson back in 2001 or 2002. Talked to him for about 10 mins. Was prob the nicest person I've ever met. Yes pics are 100% real. And yes that is a showercap and rubber gloves.

It was in Vegas. They opened a jewelry store in the Vanitian for MJ at 1:30am… my buddy and I just happened to be walking by and saw him in there. The store had glass walls. We knocked on the glass and he saw my buddy wearing the showercap and rubber gloves and started laughing. He walked us along the wall to the front door and came out to talk to us. We got to talk to him for a bit before anyone else noticed. I tried to get him to go have a beer with us but he said his kids were upstairs so he couldn't. I got him to autograph a piece of paper I had in my pocket. Still have the original pics too. I need to frame em.

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HIStory: Magazine Covers

Michael Jackson - Upscale Magazine [United States] (August 1995)
Michael Jackson, with sister Janet, featured on the cover of
 Upscale Magazine [United States], August 1995

Wearing MJ

Michael wearing Michael … This was due to Michael needing a shirt, before he was leaving somewhere and all his things were packed up.  I had this shirt and I brought it to him, as a joke, but he put it on...”
--- Nancy Malnik, 2003

Just came across again with this cute photos of Michael wearing a t-shirt with his picture in it ... and thought I'd post some pictures of other celebrities wearing MJ; 

And just my luck! look here --- Michael wearing another MJ shirt :)

I don't know yet though the story behind this picture, but as soon as I find out, will update this post ...

Wearing MJ : Usher

"He influenced me in so many ways, more than just music ...  as a humanitarian, as a philanthropist, as an artist, as an individual who transcended culture. I wouldn't be who I am today without Michael Jackson."
--- Usher

 "They say if you ever want to be great, you've got to study who the greats studied, so, of course, I studied his moves — studied them down to a T. But there was much more to him than that. Really,  he created an eclectic style of life and, throughout the years, from his childhood to his adulthood, he managed to continue to be successful, but also to continue to push the limits and push everyone's expectations."
--- Usher

Michael & Usher
"You can't say that you are an artist in this century and [not be] influenced by Michael Jackson. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share the stage with him, to know him personally, and I am always going to remember him. I'll be a fan for life ... "
--- Usher

Wearing MJ : Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott took the stage at the 5th annual BET Awards in 2005 performing her new duet with Ciara, Lose Control, sporting outfits displaying images of Michael Jackson.  Missy Elliot has always continually proclaimed Michael to be her biggest influence.

Click the image to open in full size.

Michael Gross, the author of Starstruck, asked celebrities about their experiences as starstruck fans. Missy Elliot tells a funny story about Michael Jackson.

Or when I [the author] asked Missy Elliot, is she ever wrote a fan letter as a kid, and she laughed like she was busted: "I used to write Michael and Janet a whole bunch of fan mail. It got to a point where I started telling them that I had cancer, I was in a wheelchair." (Gross, Starstruck, p. 236)

Wearing MJ : Pete Wentz of 'Fall Out Boy'

“Michael Jackson has been a part of my life for as long I have heard music. He in my mind is the ultimate entertainer of our generation.  I can remember exact moments of my life based on Michael Jackson songs and videos.” 

--- Pete Wentz 

“I really want to meet Michael Jackson so badly.  I’m Michael Jackson obsessed.  All I watch is 'Moonwalker’ –  it’s my favorite movie of all time.”
--- Pete Wentz , interview with The Advocate, 2007

"There will never be another. He was the royalty of American culture. I could measure the growth of my life based on him. I have never felt such public grief for someone I have never met.  A legend.  I practiced his moves in the mirror ... We lost the last legendary entertainer of my generation. I feel lost without his presence. Sorry if this is kind of jumbled and emotional. I don't even know what to say."
--- Pete Wentz ,  MTV news,  2009

Wearing MJ : Björk


At the 2000 Golden Globe awards, Björk wore a dress with Michael Jackson's face - all in sequins! Why did she wear such a thing? "Because he's the king!" 
She also has been seen wearing another skirt like this, but in different colours.

In 2003, Björk did an In Camera interview at showstudio. One of the questions came from the King of pop himself!

Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara, California : 
"I have always loved and admired your creativity. Nature's struggle to survive alongside mankind has been an inspiration for me: given the natural beauty of your Icelandic homeland, how does nature inspire your work? "

Björk : 
"I hope this doesn't sound too naff, but being alone in nature, especially after walking for hours, just puts you in your place and you realise how small you are and how plenty of everything is all around you. Then you just let go and surrender, become part of it. I'm so chuffed you asked me a question! I have to say you're the best, keep fighting and it angers me how cruel everybody is to you. It's like in the US right now, it's illegal to be an eccentric. Maybe people would have been more understanding if you were a contemporary of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who comissioned Wagner and lived with the swans. I listen to Butterflies off your last album all the time. You are a true artist! Thanks for fighting and believing in magic even though the rest of the world have forgotten about it."

Brad Pitt wearing a "Beat It" tee shirt;

The pictures below were taken on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith back in 2005.  

And accordingly, Brad Pitt even showed off a few Michael Jackson dance moves to crew members when he stepped out of his trailer.

Coincidentally, I just found this Angelina Jolie quote from  an interview in  2000 ;
“I think I loved Michael Jackson or something. I used to wear the leather jackets with the zippers, or collars with studs on them, and I used to ask if I could go to school wearing studs.”

So, could it be  that the shirt generated (more) attraction to  Angelina ... or was it Brad's moonwalk :) 
Way to go Brad!

Wearing MJ

Celebrities Wearing MJ



Christina Aguilera

Chris Brown

Melody Thornton of Pussycat Dolls

Justin Bieber

Shania Twain

Evan Ross

Britney Spears

 Kevin Federline

 India Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Jackson Rathbone, 'Jasper'  of the Twilight Saga

Michael Bearden

Andy Clemmensen Musicians Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb of Short Stack arrives at the Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2008 at the Hisense Arena on October 11, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. This year's event, now in its sixth year, was held in Melbourne for the first time in its history.
 Andy Clemmensen of  Australian band Short Stack

Rihanna, wearing  tshirt with the lyrics of Michael's Heal the World 

And now, some of MJ's family;

La Toya Jackson

Taj Jackson

All grown up: Michael Jackson's children, Paris, 12 and nine-year-old Blanket appeared to have had a growth spurt as they stepped out to a toy store in Beverly Hills yesterday
Paris Jackson

and THE Man Himself! :)

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HIStory: Magazine Covers

Jet - July 31, 1980
Michael Jackson, with his sister La Toya, at JET Magazine (USA), July 31, 1980

Folk dancing with MJ's...

Now here's something different - a fusion of folk and modern dancing, made even more enthralling with  MJ flavouring; but before watching the video footage(s)  below, I'd want to give a little background on the folk aspect;

In my birth country,  the Philippines,  we have this folkdance called Tinikling which includes two people hitting bamboo poles or piece of wood, using them to beat, tap, and slide on the ground and against each other in harmonization with one or more dancers who will step over and dance in between the poles.  When the bamboo closes, the dancers must be fast enough to not get their foot or feet caught.  As the tinikling dance continues the banging of the bamboo becomes faster and harder, the sound of clashing bamboo adds more to the thrill of this awesome dance, one could not just help but be amazed by the grace and speed demonstrated by the dancers. The tinikling name came from birds locally known as Tikling. The term tinikling literally means "tikling-like", as the dance is in fact a mimic movement of tikling birds hopping over trees, grass stems or over bamboo traps set by farmers.

Hope you enjoy these clips :)

And just out of interest, in case anyone wants to see the traditional tinikling;

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Mr. Fantabularious at Number One!

(Please just ignore the Jacko name-calling)

Michael Jackson, featured at 
Number One Magazine (United Kingdom),  30 July 1988

"We howl for more, but know we won't get it.  We're all too drained by the music, the emotion, the experience to handle any more and shuffle out in a state of silent euphoria.  Jackson has everything - it's as simple as that. He's got the songs, the voice, the charisma, the dancing, the theatre, the showmanship ... everything.  He's got to be the most complete pop performer of all time."
--- Excerpt from the article clipping below

A rare photo find...

MJ in Australia

Expo Oz welcomes entertainer Michael Jackson to Brisbane with a handshake and an Expo kit in 1987.