Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Michael and Charlie the cat

Michael and Charlie the cat

"I have a little yellow kitten named Charlie. He's only about four months old and he's full of fun and mischief every minute.  Well, he and Michael took a liking to each other right away.  All the while Michael was waiting for the make-up man to get make-up on his brothers, Michael was out in the back yard playing with Charlie.  And when Michael would have to go before Dad's camera for pictures, Charlie just didn't want to leave Michael alone!  They became such good friends that Michael was hoping he could take Charlie home with him.  But Tony reminded Michael that there were already two dogs at home, and they might not  like Charlie except as dessert.  Michael agreed, and I was relieved, too, 'cause I didn't want to give Charlie up, though I would have for Michael Jackson! "

The above short story is an excerpt taken from the article clipping below, written by a then 13- year old girl named Desiree Johnson;

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