Saturday, March 26, 2011

"I'll be waiting for you, baby."

Michael's Love Letter To You

Dear You,

Have you ever noticed that every love song contains the word "You"? Like for example: "Oh How Happy You Have Made Me", "Can I See You in the Morning?" or "The Love You Save." So, that's why I thought it would be allright to start this love letter to you with "Dear You."  If it works in songs of love it ought to be right on for letters of love too, don't you agree?

Of course, there's another reason too. I don't know your name. Chances are we have never met. And maybe you are just starting to really get to know me through the pages and pictures here in TcB. You're luckier than I am. I don't even get to know the first thing about you, the girl I'm hoping to find someday... somehow, some way. I can't even be sure you're reading this. But I won't lose hope. I will never stop looking for your face, in every audience I see before me, in every eager fan who waves and smiles to me. I'll be waiting for you. baby. Will you wait, too?

I'll Be There,

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