Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Remembering Michael Jackson

"Michael Jackson was a true genius; when he was on stage, everyone watched him. He had a rare gift that inspired people of every race, in every country, right across the world.

We got on well; Michael loved to feel young and had a wonderful childlike quality: he was simple, kind and genuine. We all know he had a troubled childhood, but he also had a big heart and tried to help thousands of deprived and ill children.

A few years ago, Michael came to Harrods to do some shopping and I asked him if he would like to watch a game of football with me. 

He accepted and I remember how excited he was, sitting in my box at Fulham watching the game progress. He enjoyed himself, and it showed, but the last time I saw him he looked different. I told him he looked ill, but he wouldn’t listen.
I hope that Michael is now at peace and pray that people will remember him as he should be remembered; as one of the most influential musical legends the world has ever seen."

Mr Al Fayed will unveil a commemorative statue of Michael Jackson at Mr Al Fayed Honours Michael Jackson at Fulham Football Club, on Sunday 3 April at 12 noon, to honour the friendship he shared with the legendary performer.

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