Saturday, March 19, 2011

‘You Are Not Alone Michael: Through A Brother’s Eyes'

Here's a recent news article from the CMUwebsite;
Jermaine Jackson to write a book about Michael
Jermaine Jackson has announced that he will publish a book about his brother Michael, which he hopes will give an insight into the singer’s life. Entitled ‘You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother’s Eyes’, the book is due to be published in the autumn by Simon & Schuster imprint Touchstone in the US and HarperCollins in the UK.
Jackson said in a statement: “This book commemorates Michael’s life. The forthcoming trial of Dr Murray surrounds Michael’s death, but none of us wish for those proceedings to stand as the final word on how he is remembered. We want the world to remember his truth, his legacy, and some wonderful memories we shared as brothers, as a family. We don’t want Michael’s life to be an eternal mystery. I have read so much about what people claim to know about Michael, and I’ve heard countless people talk as if they knew him better than his own family. This book’s blood is thicker and truer than water. It is about what really happened and who he really was, representing the things he never got the chance to say, based on what we know, based on what he shared”.
Touchstone Vice President Stacy Creamer added: “As a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson and of Jermaine Jackson I am thrilled to be publishing ‘You Are Not Alone’. Jermaine’s book will offer a unique view of the real Michael Jackson, a perspective only a very few people could possibly have.  As his brother and close confidante since they were children, Jermaine can explain Michael in a way that, in life, Michael was never able to articulate himself”.
Fellow Jackson siblings Janet and LaToya also have books due out this year.

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