Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"3 minutes with Michael Jackson"

December 1983 at Disney World- Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mazzuca:

December 1983 at Disney World - Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mazzuca:
"I was 10. At Disney with my parents and uncle waiting in line for the Dumbo ride when all of a sudden a huge crowd surrounded us. A lady in a big white hat asked me if I wanted to cut the line. I, of course, said yes. Within seconds I was in the elephant waiting to "take off" when all of a sudden Michael Jackson appeared. It was a dream come true. One that was so overwhelming I still remember so clearly today my struggle to find words to speak. A lot of "uh hu's" and head nodding. Michael asked me my name, how old I was, where I lived, etc, etc.. Told me he loved Disney. I asked him questions about his video's and I think Madonna. That 3 minutes seemed like an eternity, but at the same time flew by. One of MJ's assistant took this photo and mailed to me with a Thank You Card. I cherish my pictures and memories from my "3 minutes with Michael Jackson". It was, and still is, my best trip to Disney World ever."

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