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Honoring the Child Spirit: Inspiration and Learning from Our Children

Product Description

Honoring the Child Spirit is an inspirational, emotional, and prescriptive book that calls upon each of us to recognize and honor the openness, creativity, innocence, and awe of children—and to tap into and pay tribute to the childlike spirit that lies at the heart of us all.

Adulthood, according to Michael Jackson, is not the be all and end all of growing up and living a worthwhile life. With society’s high expectations placed upon maturity and responsibility, we often shut down our curiosity, sense of play, and deep sensitivity. And with this shutting down, we too often fail to recognize and cherish that spirit in our own children—and the world’s children—so that they can thrive and flourish as children.

With evocative chapters on the childlike qualities most important to Michael Jackson—from Awe and Wonder, Creativity, and Gratitude to Imagination and Security—this heartfelt book gives voice to the eternity of Michael’s spirit and how he should be remembered: as someone who tried to live by these childlike qualities. Though far from perfect, it was this attempt to sustain innocence amidst the trappings of fame that became his life’s goal.


I'm including here this  very heartwarming  commentary of   Ms. J. Leone "beagleladywv"' (Dunbar, WV) as posted under  Customer Review of this book;

I read the Rabbi's first book, "The Michael Jackson Tapes" and was very upset by the sanctimonius commentary and self-promoting that Rabbi Boteach displayed, and I wrote and told him so. I did love, however, reading Michael's thoughts and feelings about so many various topics. I only wish Boteach would release edited tapes so that we could hear Michael's own voice. Vocal inflections are critically important to understanding the meaning behind the words. 

I'm sure Michael would have wanted to be part of the editorial process before the first book was published, and that some things that that Boteach included, would have removed from the final product. I don't think Michael would have one complaint about what is in, "Honoring the Child Spirit". It is simply wonderful

I do know that his good friend, Frank Cascio and Michael's children, were present during the interviews; therefore, the dialogue between them were not private, one-on-one conversations between Michael and his spiritual advisor, as many have said. 

To all of the fans who had problems with the first book, I have VERY GOOD NEWS! This book is strictly questions and answers between Boteach and Michael. No commentary whatsoever, and Boteach makes it clear that he believes in Michael's innocence of the horrible charges that were levied against him. 

Unfortunately, the media made the last sixteen years of Michael Jackson's life a living hell. Michael even talks about Gavin Arvizo in this book. This is the boy Michael took in, along with his family, because they had no money. He wanted to help Gavin in his fight with stage 4 cancer. 

In 2003, Gavin Arvizo accused Michael Jackson of abuse. We must remember that these conversations between Boteach and Michael were conducted in 2000-2001. Just to show you Michael's true heart, he said in the book, that- "Gavin represents the white light we see before we die, that hope that comes. Don't be afraid, he's like an angel. How could he not be sweet and kind in his soul?" 

This broke my heart. Are these the words of a man who would do anything in the future to hurt this child? Thank God, the jury, in 2005, saw through the lies and he was found not guilty on ALL counts. The best DA in California tried everything he could, for ten years, to try to convict Mr. Jackson and failed. The FBI followed him for ten years- NOTHING credible found! 

Michael loved nothing more than the children of the world and did all he could- through his money and his time- to make the world a better place for them. He gave all of his personal profits from two of his world tours to children's charities. When he was on tour, he insisted on visiting orphanages in every city to bring toys to the children and to offer help in improving their living conditions. This is a man who treasured children, and would never have intentionally hurt a child. 

I learned so much about Michael in this book. You really come to understand his thought process and why he made a conscious, and deliberate, decision to live his life through childlike- NOT childish- eyes. He truly felt that if he lived in an adult world all the time, that his creative process would die. He felt his inspiration for his music came from the energy and spirit of children. He saw God when he looked in their eyes. 

Boteach makes it clear that Michael could be very adult when he wished. He watched him present a proposal to a group of businessmen, that he said was as good as any CEO could have given. Michael just chose not to live in the adult world all the time, as he felt adults had lost the spirit of God in their souls that they had possessed as a child. 

The book is divided into the various aspects of the qualities that children possess- loyalty, forgiveness, love, playfulness, trust, etc. and Michael speaks to each quality with his unique perspective. 

You will see Michael's true heart in this book. It was so beautiful, I kept postponing finishing it. I knew that once I read the last page, I would have read the last words, and thoughts, of Michael Jackson- forever. 

I know many people are bitter about what they feel was Boteach's "betrayal" of Michael Jackson. I, for one, am so very grateful that he has brought us Michael's heart and soul through his own words. I don't care how many shekels the rabbi earns. I hope he sells millions of this book, as I feel it will go a long way towards his vindication. 

I don't know how anyone could read this book and not come away with a deeper understanding of Michael Jackson- the man- and why he chose to live his life the way he did, or think that he could have ever hurt a child. 

Michael Jackson was not "wacko jacko". He was a highly intelligent man who knew exactly how he wanted to live his life. He wanted to always see the world the way children did, as he felt they were closest to God. 

One of the most touching comments Michael made in the book, was that the greatest joy for him would be, that one day, his children would say that he was the "best dad". He said he would cry tears of joy if that would happen. 

His daughter, Paris, has said this very thing twice now- publicly- for all the world to hear. It is my prayer that he somehow knows that all the love and guidance he gave his children, and the efforts he made to be the "best dad", were fulfilled. His children are his greatest legacy. 

He said that he never wanted his children to suffer as he did growing up- being abused physically and emotionally by his father, and other adults, and never getting to have a childhood. His life from the age of five was always work and more work. As he once said himself, the way he grew up automatically made him different. 

His life was unique. He experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows and through it all he kept his loving heart. Michael Jackson deserves our love and understanding- not ridicule and persecution. He did the best he could, and gave all that he had. Even when the media preyed on him like vultures, and continue to do so even in death, he was able to forgive. There are many lessons to be learned from Michael Jackson. This book will show you the way. 

Please, put aside your possible hatred and mistrust of Boteach and read this book. It will help you be a better parent. It will help you to be a better person.


  1. And here's another favourable review;
    "I'm not a fan of Shmuley Boteach - I generally find his moral jugement irritating and his manner of asking questions that impose desired answers annoying. But even with that, I got a very warm feeling from this book.

    The book is pure dialog between the rabbi and Michael about children, childhood, child values and spirit and the art of keeping childlike qualities in a person. Probably for Shmuley Boteach it was just one of the subjects to discuss, but for Michael it was the dearest thing to his heart - a big part of his personality and his life. Michael is trying to explain how he feels about children, he is speaking entirely from heart. At times it seems that he is almost desperately trying to get the message across, and through his words you feel his immense kindness and purity. The book left me with a blissful smile, and once again - with amazement and happiness that such a wonderful person graced this world with his presense.

    I'm sure, Michael wanted this message to be out there and reach people's heards. So, all my personal issues with the author's style aside, I thank him for releasing these conversations. They are a caress to our souls, and I think with time these words of Michael Jackson will have a great cultural value. I just wish we could get the audiotapes and also hear the emotion behind them."
    --- By morinen (Moscow, Russia)

  2. Reading the 'Customer Reviews' makes me much interested now to acquire my own copy of this book...