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"My Child... Yours Is Indeed A Job Well Done!"

Michael Jackson - The Spiritual Teacher

By Dr. Monica Burns-Capers, Ph.D

Michael Jackson's stage presence was undoubtedly incomparable. He performed with an energy and a divine ambiance that was clearly not of this world. No one else in our lifetime, will ever come close to the magnanimous and influential powerhouse that was... Michael Jackson. But I now ponder, were we just too enamored with the performer and his image, to realize the profoundness of the spiritual and life lessons he was teaching us all along - contained in the lyrics of his songs?
Michael Jackson's passion, purpose and message was for peace, harmony, and equality in the world. He longed for simple experiences that we, today, continue to take for granted. He wanted normality. He wanted to be accepted as he was. Most importantly, he wanted to experience a childhood. Was his behavior as a "childlike man" a bit strange for some? Yes... Maybe. However, if you have never experienced NOT having a childhood, you have no grounds for judgment. According to the Bible Scriptures - Luke 18: 16-17 states "I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn't receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it."
He said in an interview once, "If you really want to know about me, listen to the lyrics in my song - Have You Seen My Childhood." The lyrics are as follow: "Have You Seen My Childhood? I'm searching for the world that I come from. Cause I've been looking around, in the lost and found of my heart. No one understands me, They view it as such strange eccentricities... Cause I keep kidding around. Like a child, but pardon me...People say I'm not okay, Cause I love such elementary things...It's been my fate to compensate, for the Childhood I've never known... Before you judge me, try hard to love me."
Michael Jackson suffered greatly internally. The only place he felt free was on stage. When he performed he was "being" and in alignment with his divine purpose. He knew he wasn't being judged by his fans... we loved and still love him. He utilized his God-given talents and abilities with every fiber and cell in his body. He poured his heart and soul into each performance, with fans at every corner and stretch of the world receiving him. Michael Jackson sincerely loved us. He suffered even more at the condemnation and crude perceptions of those who have no conscience. Those individuals who use such cowardly covers stating: "I'm Just A Reporter Reporting The News," or "I Just Want To Sell My Tabloids." These vicious people sought fame and fortune, out of their own envious ways, destroying those to whom the stories are written about. They are so blinded by having the "exclusive story" that they are not stopping to even think about the detrimental effects of their actions. Over the years, they devastatingly touched the soul of one of God's Angels. This, along with his personal issues, had kept Michael Jackson in constant emotional pain, mental pain and lifelong turmoil for most of his life.
Lyrics from his song "Tabloid Junkie" can best describe how he felt: "Speculate to break the one you hate. Circulate the lie you confiscate. Assassinate and mutilate. As the hounding media in hysteria, Who's the next for you to resurrect...It's slander. With the words you use. You're a parasite in black and white. Do anything for news. And you don't go and buy it. To read it sanctifies it."
Michael Jackson did not allow the public scrutiny to keep him from entertaining his fans. He remained persistent in his message and mission of bringing love unto the world, with such lyrics from his song "Another Part of Me" - "We're sending out, A major love, And this is our message to you. The planets are lining up, We're bringing brighter days. They're all in line, Waiting for you. Can't you see.....You're just Another Part of Me."
We are all a part of each other. When you tear one down, we all suffer. Including those who are responsible for the act itself; they just don't know it yet. When one is in turmoil, we all are. When one is crying out for help, we need to answer. Michael Jackson cried and cried and cried. Not with tears streaming down his face; but rather with all the ways he changed the look of his appearance. The way we truly feel on the inside, will definitely reflect those same feelings on the outside. I think that because his childhood was so tumultuous, he maybe set out to take away any signs of how he looked. As this would be a permanent constant reminder. The public also contributed with negative reports of his prominent "African American" features and so on and so forth. What he didn't understand, I believe, was that his fans never complained. We loved Michael Jackson just as he was. I think he expected that changing his appearance on the outside, would also create new emotional and mental feelings for him on the inside. If you haven't learned anything from the Spiritual Teachings of the Divine Spirit that was and is Michael Jackson... let's remember this Scripture from Matthew 7:2 - "Others will treat you as you treat them. Whatever measure you use in judging others, it will be used to measure how you are judged."
Michael Jackson has served his purpose, has carried out his mission, and has delivered his message. He has entered the gates of heaven where he's entertaining God and his fellow Angels. Now he can finally rest in the comfort and peace of his true father's arms, as he now knows and feels acceptance. He can now be that "child" without judgment. And most of all... he has heard those approving words from his true father in heaven... "My Child... Yours Is Indeed A Job Well Done!"
In Conclusion... Lyrics To Michael Jackson's Song: "Gone Too Soon."
Like A Comet, Blazing Cross The Evening Sky...Gone Too Soon.
Like A Rainbow, Fading In The Twinkling of an Eye......Gone Too Soon.
Shiny and Sparkly, and Splendidly Bright.
Here One Day.....Gone One Night.
Like A Castle, Built Upon A Sandy Beach......Gone Too Soon.
Like A Perfect Flower, That Is Beyond Your Reach...Gone Too Soon.
Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day... Gone One Night.
Like A Sunset,  Dying With The Rising of The Moon
Gone Too Soon.
Gone Too Soon.

Dr. Monica Burns-Capers, Ph.D Is An Expert Author, Life Coach, Organizational Management & Behavior Consultant, and President-CEO of Monica Mi'Chelle Communications: A Professional Writing and Management Consulting Company.
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