Sunday, April 17, 2011

We'll have to keep in touch, cause you'll be in my dreams and in yours "I'll Be There"

Michael Jackson:  Soul-Mate
I'm truly so thrilled to share today this very precious find, the MJ Soul-Mate Kits which were available during the earlier J5 years;

The Soul-Mate Kits were first advertised in early 1971 for mail-order purchase from the back of TcB!magazine, and later on the Jackson 5 product sleeve included with all their vinyl LPs. 
Have a look at these beauties!  AND YES! I'D LOVE BEING MICHAEL'S PERSONAL SOUL-MATE! :)
Here's the sample MJ Soul-Mate membership ID card;
Michael's letter;

And here are the rest of the items included in the package, as listed in the ad:

1) A Michael Jackson Personal Soul-Mate Poem Poster! Written by Mike!

2) A giant (12 x 18!) Personal Soul-Mate Poster of Michael!

3) A portrait-size (5x7) signed photo of Michael! Adorable!!! 

4) Nine different wallet-size photos of Michael! Cuties!!! 

5) 65  Official Michael Jackson Soul-Mate letter seal stickers!  

My very sincere thanks to the avid J5 collector for sharing these treasures... 



  1. I just so love finding MJ rarities! and discovering more of Michael's past; seems the more I get to know of Michael, the more my love and respect for him grow...

  2. OMG How cuuute is this!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this with me dear Ruby! I loved it all! And to see Michael's handwriting when he was a kid was so goof too :)
    Much love to you!

  3. Hi Flor! you're welcome, and oh I know!!! 'twas so excited when I found these beauties! ;) and know what? there are still more to come, yeah baby! :D