Thursday, May 19, 2011

HIStory:1993 Lifetime Achievement Award

In May 1993, Michael Jackson received the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the Guinness Museum of World Records in Los Angeles.

Michael picked up an honor on May 19,  from the Guiness World of Records Museum, who presented him with the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was in recognition of his many world records: the best selling album in history (Thriller) , winning the most Grammys in a single year (Eight in 1984), the biggest concert (500,000 people in four shows at London's Wembley Stadium), the biggest contract in the history of show business, (Signed with Sony in 1991), and performing before the largest ever television audience (133.4 million during his halftime performance at the 1993 Super Bowl). 

The master of ceremonies for the event was Casey Kasem and the founding editor of the Guiness Book of World Records, Norris McWhirter, flew to Los Angeles from London especially to present the honor. Michael, dressed in black, with large mirrored sunglasses and a fedora, accepted the honor and spoke to the crowd of fans that had brought Hollywood Blvd. to a standstill, "I love you all and thank you very much for coming." 

Lori Byler, president of the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club, then presented Michael with a second award. The plague was in recognition of his work with children and its inscription read:

In deepest appreciation for all you nave done for the children of the world, Because of your great love and sensitivity towards all children, they now have the chance to live a happy and normal life. Without other great humanitarians, like yourself, the lives and future of our children the world over is hopeless. 

All of us wish to join hands with you, Michael, to help Heal the World and to preserve the future for all the children of the world. 

We, the members of the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club wish to offer you our support, love, loyalty and appreciation for everything you have done for our children, and for all of us. 

With our deepest respect and love, The Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club of the United States and around the world.

Following the award presentations, Michael went inside the museum to unveil an updated lifesize likeness of himself being added to the museum's display. The figure of himself stands on top of a giant 45 rpm record in recognition of his unprecedented world records in entertainment Also part of the display are Michael's albums, memorabilia, and video monitors playing highlights from his entire career.

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