Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HIStory: MJ at Hot 97 Summer Jam

June 28, 2001: Jay-Z brings out Michael Jackson for Hot 97 Summer Jam 2001

Excerpt from an article published at :Crook From The Brook website;

Here’s a classic event that was historical when it happened. Jay-Z at the prime of his career shocks the crowd and brings out the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson. The crowd goes NUTS/INSANE!!!! What’s funny is that Jay-Z tells the crowd that Mike is here and calls him out to the stage and Mike doesn’t come out. Crowd begins to think Jay might be frontin’ but Jay goes back stage and physically bring Mr. Michael Jackson out to the stage and the crowd loses its collective mind. You can’t make these things up.

“I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that muthaf—in’ curtain,” Jay-Z said during what had to be 90 of the longest seconds of his career. Jay-Z had just announced Jackson to the crowd, but the music icon failed to make his entrance. The audience seemed to think Jay was joking — who would expect Jackson to appear at such a hip-hop-heavy concert?

But Jay quickly figured out that with cargo as precious as this, it’s probably best to hand-deliver it to the crowd. “You want me to go back and get him myself?” Jay asked a girl in the front row. “OK, I’m ‘a go get him.”

Seconds later the two walked out and posed for photos together. In one of the pictures, Michael struck a b-boy stance with his arms folded. Jackson’s only words to the crowd were “I love you all” before he exited the stage…

article source: http://crookfromthebrook.wordpress.com/
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