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Magic in the Air

Here's an article I just found from another MJ site; it's a very heartwarming fan recollection of her exciting experience during Michael Jackson's 1988 Bad tour in Paris, France;
Hi everyone! 
To start, I want to tell you about the first time I ever saw Michael.
It was at a Bad Tour concert in Paris, the second show on June 28th, 1988.

I was just 15 years old back then and had been admiring Michael for five years. 
When the Bad album was released and the tour announced, I was so excited, I just couldn't wait! Nine months later came the big day! Being 15 and though my parents love Michael, I couldn't attend both shows but got tickets for the second one.

On June 27th as well as the days before I of course recorded everything I saw on TV.

The next day we headed to Paris my parents, my English school correspondent Clare (who was a fan herself) and I. I live 250 km away from Paris, right in the centre of France. Clare and I were under the protection of Mousse, my father's friend. About 35 at he time, he didn't really know Michael.

It was frenzy around the "Parc des Princes" when we arrived, in the late afternoon. The weather was extremely hot and I remember people giving away ads for the "Making of Thriller" video (which I always proudly kept). The stadium was very impressive. Getting inside, watching the stage, WOOOOW!!! From then on it was a dream! We got rather close to the stage in spite of our late arrival. We were between the left giant screen and the stage and had a fair wiew. Kim Wilde was the suport act; I had always liked her songs (she was my favourite female artist) but excitement topped when she said "Before HE comes..." as an intro to her "You Came" hit. 

I recall somebody telling Quincy Jones had just arrived but I didn't see him sit to enjoy the show, though he was not far rom us.

At 9:03 p.m. exactly, the screens came to life, then the smoke on the stage going up and... Michael appeared! I will NEVER EVER forget that moment in my life! 

He was GORGEOUS, so thin, so frail but yet you could feel his strength, he was ready to blow our minds! "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" has been so special to me since that night. The concert lasted more than two hours and every second was a delight. The atmosphere was electric, pure magic in the air! The crowd was his, definitely.

"Billie Jean" was a wonderful moment because, as for many admirers, I discovered Michael with this video. All songs are clear in my mind but I have more precise memories of an endless and crazy "Heartbreak Hotel" and Michael gratifying us of a French "Je Vous Aime Beaucoup!" (I love you very much!"). "Another Part Of Me" was sheer excitement and I could name them all! "Beat It" was rageous! "Bad" just great but rhymed with the concert getting slowly to its end, which I just didn't want! I wish that night had lasted forever. The moon, the stars over the stadium, I wish the entire "Parc" would remain forever a place outta space, I didn't want to let the magic go. "Dirty Diana" was, to me, extremely high on emotion. The video of the song had just been released and I really loved it (it is still one of my favourites) but there was no match with the live version of the song.

When the concert ended the three of us had stars in our eyes. We rushed to get some memorabilia but there were only one poster left and the square button with Michael's feet on. People didn't seem to want to leave. I was very reluctant myself! I didn't want to let the magic go.

The magic stuck to me all these years, sticks to me every day like a shadow.
To the very smells around the stadiums! Silly to say but a chips smell around and I'm back there. Coco Chanel smell - which I wore that day - and I'm there. Wearing some as I'm writing this, to get in that special night's mood!:-)

Clare and I slept holding our posters close like we had a part of Michael here with us (ah, teenagers!!). I was thinking of Michael resting at the Hotel Crillon and it felt good. 

Next day was hard to take, we'd have liked to step back and be there again!

This was my first  Michael concert and the first time I ever saw him.
Like a lot of fans I had to wait four years to see him during the Dangerous Tour.
I'd never have believed I would be lucky enough to meet him in person some eight years later (1996). This is another story I will save for you! 

Hope you enjoyed that special memory.

L.O.V.E to you all,



source:  http://mjphotoscollectors.com/index.php?/blog/3/entry-2-the-first-time-i-ever-saw-michael-bad-tour

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  1. Reading this account makes me dreamy and wish I was in her shoes that very memorable beautiful day - she's soo lucky...