Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Mystery Client

MJ Fact (that may still unbeknown to many) : In 1992, Michael Jackson's Heal the World Foundation donated a playground  for an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania.

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Here's an excerpt from the essay entitled The Playdale Story  written in April 2003 by then eleven-year old Hannah Croasdale;

"I had to write a 3000 word essay for school and I decided to write mine on my dad's company, Playdale, because it is a family company which was set up in 1735. My essay includes the history of the family business and what the business actually does now. I hope you find it interesting."

"‘Heal the World’ in Romania: In 1992, my Dad, John Croasdale, received a phone call from a man who wanted Playdale to build a playground for a big orphanage in Bucharest, Romania, for 500 children. That was the furthest Playdale had ever been to build a playground, the man did not say who wanted the playground to be built, so the designers and installers got to work, they built the playground in the factories and sent it in a massive lorry to Romania, six people went along too, when they arrived in Bucharest, they discovered that MICHAEL JACKSON was the mystery client, and he wanted the playground for his Michael Jackson ‘Heal the World’ foundation. When Michael Jackson opened the playground, my mum managed to take a photo of him, sticking his thumbs up at her and the other people to say thank you."

--- By Hannah Croasdale 

Heal the World
The ‘Heal the World’ site in Romania

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson opening the Orphanage Playground

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