Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Through our memories, we will always cherish Michael."

Never Can Say Goodbye book cover
Never Can Say Goodbye
by Katherine Jackson

Note From The Author
"This book is dedicated to the loving memory of my son, Michael Jackson. These pages contain photographs from our private family collection, and are illustrated with my personal stories about Michael from his early childhood, right up through his remarkable career. Over the course of Michael's life, I've reserved my comments about my son. Now, after his death, I have decided to share my story for two reasons.
Firstly, I hope this book sheds insight into the person that Michael truly was, the person who I've always known him to be. Sharing my memories with Michael's fans is my way of passing on his message and legacy in a way that he would approve. And it is my hope that his fans come to know the real Michael, rather than the person that the media portrayed him to be. Those who knew my son well will attest that Michael was one of the best persons you'd ever want to meet and be around. He loved everyone; he was a good father and a very good son.
Michael was generous, kind, considerate, funny, intelligent, warm and extremely humble. His acts of kindness and generosity were something he hardly spoke about; when in fact he was truly one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. At one point, he was active in 39 charities, and the Guinness Book of Records recognized him for his donations in the philanthropic world. Michael often saw the good in people and trusted many in the early part of his career, sometimes leading to pain and betrayal in his life.
The second reason for writing this book is to celebrate the remarkable artist my son Michael was, and to acknowledge the contribution he made throughout his life to music, the arts, people, and the planet. Michael was a true artist with a vision to heal the world through music. Being on stage was what he loved to do, and I am happy that he shared his gifts with his fans whom he loved very deeply.
Beyond our hardships, our family loved Michael dearly, and each of us shared a special bond with him. Through our memories, we will always cherish Michael."
  --- Katherine Jackson

"The world knew my son, but then again, they didn't... this is my chance to share the stories that are near to my heart. For his fans, and his children."

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