Saturday, July 9, 2011

I spy with my little eye, someone really so cute and adorable! :)

So pleased to share this heartwarming cute article clipping I recently found; it just makes one want know more of and eventually love more beautiful  Michael!

Mike Jackson - Spy On Him

Hi! I'm LaToya Jackson, the 16-year-old sister of the J5. In case you missed last month's 16, in which I told you my impressions of brothers Jermaine, Marlon and Randy, this time I'm about to reveal all about mischievous Michael, my 14-year-old brother, known to most of you as a "superstar." To me, however, he's a teasing, always outgoing and friendly but sometimes bothersome, little brother- whom I love and admire a lot (but I don't usually admit that to him!)

Michael can charm the fuzz off a peach- he can talk to anyone and make him or her feel at ease and instantly like an old friend! I guess you could say that Michael has "charisma"- that enviable quality of leadership that makes some politicians and entertainers so unforgettable and dynamic. He's not at all shy like some of my other brothers, but Mike is generally quite tactful. He says the right thing to the right person, and has a marvelous knack for sizing up what people are like soon after he meets them. He's very observant and notices everything- even the little things like when I change my hair style! You can't put anything over on him! 

Laughter accompanies him everywhere he goes, and I rarely remember Mike being in a grumpy mood. The only thing that really bugs him is if some member of the family gets angry and tells him off in front of company. He becomes embarrassed, and is likely to walk away with his head drooping down. But he generally gets over even this in a matter of minutes and is soon back in the room with a whole new barrage of funny remarks to make everyone smile. 

He often bugs me when I'm trying to read or study something for school. He'll put on a record, or start singing silly stuff and clapping his hands till I eventually give up and go into another room! Mike doesn't like studying much- he'd rather be sketching or singing. 

Now spend a day with me spying on Mike - from the early morning hours when he hops out of bed and watches cartoons an TV till he scrambles into his red PJs about nine o'clock at night. You'll love him!

Mike's likely to start the morning by raiding the super-big refrigerator in our friendly yellow kitchen. Since he's often up before anyone else, he has to help himself!

Or maybe he'll just settle for a nice, juicy apple. Mike snacks constantly throughout the day, always chewing on either a piece of fruit or candy, or his special favorite, bubble gum.

He's not above washing an occasional dish or glass, and he straightens up his bedroom quite regularly. All of us Jacksons help Mom around the house, though she does all the cooking and washing for our large family herself.

Mike spends lots of time in and around our pool, which is heated to lukewarm and feels something like a bathtub! He's an excellent swimmer and likes to dive, too. Near the pool, we have a playroom with a pool table and pinball machines-and that's one of his frequent hide-outs --when he's not off sketching somewhere. Art is his biggest passion!

Music is, of course, Mike's first love, but did you know that he enjoys playing the drums and is seriously taking piano lessons? He rehearses with the J5 for about three hours a day when the boys are in town, in addition to practicing his instruments. And he has written a number of songs which he can't wait to sing to you!

This talented brother relaxes for a moment with Heavy, one of our three German Shepherd dogs, who are not only devoted pets but watchdogs as well. Mike usually plays at least one game of basketball a day to get his exercise. We have a hoop in our driveway, and one of my brothers is almost always playing ball there.

Mike takes time out from his busy day to check on how his records are doing in the latest Cash Box. This is his bedroom, which he shares with MarLon.

He's very proud of the gold records that adorn our den-TV room. Most are for the J5, but Michael himself earned gold records for his album and single both called Got to Be There, and for his singles Rockin Robin and I Wanna Be Where You Are.

Mike always tries to spend some time with Janet, six, our little sister. She adores him and they often watch TV together before bed-time.

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