Friday, February 4, 2011

"Art and music are timeless..."


Art and music are timeless. As it crosses cultural boundaries, whether in words or in images, art has the power to speak the dreams of a generation. This power must be cherished, shared, respected, and above all, used for worthwhile endeavors.  I believe creative genius has an inherent responsibility to use the gift to empower others to see their own gifts and to inspire them to their own greatness. If we were all to use our gifts, we could change the world and uplift the quality of life for all of us. This is the lofty vision of the true artist. It is a vision shared by Brett-Livingstone Strong and I, and it is the foundation of the Jackson-Strong Alliance. I am gratified to have affiliated with Brett Strong. He, like Michelangelo, is gifted as both sculptor and painter, and like that great Renaissance artist, is a dynamic visionary. The alliance we have formed will merge visual and performing art in a desire to inspire a better world."

--- Michael Jackson

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