Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another beautiful, heart touching story...

Here's this article excerpt I found from AmericanMemorabilia website;

Michael Jackson’s impact on music will never cease. 

From the time he five years old, Jackson was a chart topper. When he went solo, Jackson became a global icon. 

Through all of his success, he never forgot the little people. Jackson made it a point to help numerous charities and donate millions. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was one of the beneficiaries of Jackson’s time and service. 

That is how The King of Pop met young David Sonnet.

At the tender age of 8 years old, Sonnet’s life forever changed when he suffered a brain aneurysm. While he was unable to write or talk, he could function through a communication device which helped him convey his thoughts through a specialized computer. 

Sonnet was granted his wish when he was invited to Neverland Ranch in November of 1992. One of only four kids to go to Neverland Ranch with Make-A-Wish (which was sponsored by Sony), Sonnet met his hero Nov. 25, 1992. 

Sonnet was given a “Beat It” jacket from a local charity in West Palm Beach Florida auction in 1988, which he wore for his special encounter. This jacket may have been worn by Jackson during the “Beat-It” video but there is no documentation. The zip-up was donated for a charity for raising money for a girl in the West Palm Beach area who needed facial reconstruction surgery. Because the family knew that Sonnet was a huge Michael Jackson fan, they gave it to him. 

The jacket shows wear and was only worn once by Sonnet when he met MJ. Jackson came down from the second story of his Neverland home and made a bee-line for Sonnet who was on the first floor saddled in a wheelchair.  Once he saw the jacket, he explained to the excited youngster “I see you have my jacket on.” Because Sonnet was unable to talk or walk, although he did try getting out of his chair, the two shared an “I Love You” in sign language.  Jackson was visibly emotional during the encounter. 

Sonnet gave Jackson a stuffed lion and picture of himself. Jackson told Sonnet that he would keep the photo of him in his room. 

The story doesn't end there though. 

Sonnet wrote to Jackson on various occasions as a show of support.  Jackson would write back and include photos and other personal mementos. 

The hat (pictured below and featured in an auction) was gifted from Jackson to Sonnet and has a mailing address from Neverland Ranch.

Sonnet sent a thank you card to Jackson and a wedding card when he married Lisa Marie Presley. Both times Jackson responded with a signed letter and salutation. 

According to Debbie Sonnet, David’s mother, Jackson’s music did help pull him out of a coma. His recovery room was decorated with numerous Jackson photos and his music was played at all times.
Sonnet passed away July 26, 2004. 

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