Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Home gives you love to complete your life."

Michael Jackson, In His Own Words

The following lines were written by Michael Jackson underside the handcrafted table at Neverland during the early '90's;

Home gives you courage to know yourself.
Home gives you beauty for your eyes to see.
Home gives you love to complete your life.
Home gives you sunsets to warm your heart.
Home gives you friendships to brighten your being.
Home gives you patience to accept the truth.
Home gives you comfort on a difficult day.
Home gives you rainbows beneath the clouds.
Home gives you hugs when your spirits sag.
Home gives you faith so that you can believe.

-  MJ

The Table
Hand Crafted By ‘Eduardo’ ~ From Surrounding Tree Stock of Neverland Ranch ~ August 16, 1990

** pictures source : facebook


  1. I love this!! Thanks dear Ruby, for posting all these treasures!

  2. The pleasure is mine dear Flor! :)