Sunday, May 1, 2011

MJ HIStory: The King (part 2)

Michael Jackson: Crowned in Africa

In 1992, Michael Jackson made an 11 day visit to Africa. On arrival, he was greeted by grade-school students in Gabon, West Africa, who carried a banner that proclaimed: "Welcome Home Michael". By the time he left, he had travelled across Gabon, the Ivory coast, Tanzania and Egypt. He had visited countless hospitals, orphanages and schools along the way, had been crowned "King Sani" in a West African village, and had received the West African nation's "Medal of Honour" presented by President Omar Bongo - the first entertainer to have received the medal.

"It's [Africa] is the 'dawn of civilisation'. It's the first place where society existed... there is a connection because it's the root of all rhythm. Everything... It's home"

--- Michael Jackson, Ebony Magazine - May 1992

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