Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Is Him (Part 1)

Here's an excerpt of the news article by Oumelkheir Djenaidi published  at France Today Magazine website on August 6, 2009;



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"I stare at people when I walk down the street," the artist admits. For Seckler, 35, his eyes play as important a role in art as his hands. Since July 25, exactly a month after Michael Jackson's death, Seckler's eyes have been trained on roughly 50 photos of the star encircling his perch in front of the museum. "One photograph wouldn't allow me to recreate the third dimension," the artist explains. "[Jackson] also went through such a metamorphosis that it's difficult to capture him correctly. I have concentrated on the period when I think he was the most beautiful, between the albums Thriller and Bad."
Like many who come to watch him work, Seckler is an MJ fan. "I wanted to communicate with his fans," he says, "both tourists and Parisians. To create a representation of such an enormous public figure, I wanted to be in contact with the public." The artist adds: "I saw the King of Pop at the Parc des Princes in 1988. I had posters of him all over my room in the 80s."
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In the meantime, every morning Mr. Seckler places his 40 kilo sculpture in front of the Centre Pompidou. He hopes to finish the piece by the end of this week, when it will be moved to Dorothy's Gallery for the exhibit "Art and Music, Tribute to Michael Jackson." Seckler says he will send photos of the piece to the Jackson family, and offer to make a version of the piece for them in bronze.


 Jean-Baptiste Seckler

And a big THANK YOU! to my dear friend Laura for sharing this video clip at her MJ page, "Michael Jackson: What About The Man" at facebook ;)

Here's another related clip of  Mr. Seckler working on the sculpture; I don't understand though what he was saying (in French), but nevertheless, it's still heartwarming to see him in action :)

For additional reading and/or more pictures, here's the link of another related news article;

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